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International English
Exam Preparation


TraducGlobal specializes in training and preparing students to take the international TOEFL® and IELTS ™ exams, which are required for admission into the most prestigious universities in the United States, Europe and Australia. Our experience and preparation has allowed us to develop more effective methodologies and precise strategies to achieve and ensure the  score you need.




Studying in the Library

You can integrate test preparation and general 
English communication classes in your lessons.


The TOEFL® assesses your abilities to interact in an English-speaking academic environment.

TraducGlobal offers you the necessary tools to face this important challenge, a fundamental part of the application process to foreign universities.

Our courses are based on enhancing the academic skills required for this test and perfecting your English language proficiency at an advanced level. 



This test is characterized by its interactivity and its proximity to real situations. Preparing for the IELTS can be a great challenge, but we can support you with the best tools, regardless of whether you are preparing to continue your higher education, or work and live in an English speaking country.

Our preparation courses focus on developing strategies to optimally answer all the questions that this test includes.


Schedule a

free evaluation, where you will also receive detailed information about our courses. Afterwards you will receive the results of your evaluation. 

We will assign you a teacher according to your schedule and level. You will receive our constant support through this new challenge.

You will have access to continuous practice and detailed feedback.

Schedule your evaluation interview here.


Patricio Durán
  Business management - University of Chile

I am very happy with TraducGlobal's services. I trained to take the TOEFL with them and I got the score that I needed in order to apply to grad school abroad. They were very professional in designing a program of study perfect for my needs and strengths, and they were very available in helping me with my doubts along the program. I highly recommend them!

Constanza Gonzalez.tif

Constanza González
Statistical Genetics Research Group
Institute of Medical Biometry and Informatics Heidelberg

What I liked the most about taking classes and preparing for the TOEFL with TraducGlobal was that the classes were designed according to the topics that I had to focus on. I also really appreciated the schedule flexibility. You can also choose the number of months you want to train. I got the score I needed on the TOEFL thanks to the teacher's guidance, who helped me achieve my goals within the time I needed.

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