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Free English classes for people with visual impairment

Inclusion and Social Commitment.

Traduc Outreach is an inclusive education project that is currently being developed by our team in collaboration with the Central Library for the Blind in Santiago de Chile. This project  includes free English classes for visually impaired adults.

Our mission is to empower visually impaired students with a new language, while validating and honoring their culture and first language, as well as strengthening community consciousness.

In this project, “disability” is positioned as a form of diversity and as a positive understanding of group identity. We choose not to use the term “disability”, and instead we refer to visual impairment as a set of new abilities.




Reading Braille



Centering lessons around students’ funds of knowledge (culture, language, disability status and experiences).


Creating lessons that reflect a balance between content and language.


Students in this program are considered co-authors and co-researchers of the curriculum.


We focus on the needs and goals of visually impaired students.


Synchronous and asynchronous classes online.

Stephanie Felt_edited.jpg

Stephanie Felt
  Collaborating teacher
M.A. in Special Education
Teachers College, Columbia University, USA.

We use our privilege and connection with TraducGlobal and Teachers College, Columbia University, to provide our students with a platform and a pedestal.

Elizabeth Caballeria_edited.jpg

Elizabeth Cavalry
Project Coordinator
Central Library for the Blind

It all started when our dear teacher Natalia dropped by the Central Library for the Blind because she wanted to teach English to blind people. We began to work in a library room with many blind people of different ages, where we had conversations and activities. Then, time separated us and we found ourselves again in the pandemic. Our teacher was abroad and we wanted to continue learning. So we connected through technology, we talked, we used different methodologies and we worked side by side with the teacher. This is how we have been fulfilling everyone's dream, which is to be a community where we help each other and learn. We have a lot to do and I am sure that we will achieve it.

Neuroscience and Education Symposium 2020  

"A look at inclusive education:

Teaching and learning English for

visually impaired adults. "

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